RT Book T1 The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Law T2 Oxford Handbooks Ser. A1 Barmash, Pamela LA English PP Oxford PB Oxford University Press, Incorporated YR 2019 UL https://www.ixtheo.de/Record/1738834174 AB The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Law provides a state of the art analysis of the major questions, principles, and texts pertinent to biblical law. The thirty-three chapters, written by an international team of experts, deal with the concepts, significant texts, institutions, and procedures of biblical law; the intersection of law with religion, socio-economic circumstances, and politics; and the reinterpretation of biblical law in the emerging Jewish and Christian communities. The volume is intended to introduce non-specialists to the field as well as to stimulate new thinking among scholars working in biblical law. NO Description based on publisher supplied metadata and other sources SN 9780199392674 K1 Electronic books