RT Article T1 No Prophets? Recent Developments in Biblical Prophetic Research and Ancient Near Eastern Prophecy JF Journal for the study of the Old Testament VO 18 IS 57 SP 39 OP 60 A1 Barstad, Hans M. 1947-2008 LA English PB Sage YR 1993 UL https://www.ixtheo.de/Record/1777004586 AB Recently, scholars like Auld and Carroll have advocated the view that we can learn little or nothing about ancient Israelite prophecy from the so-called prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible, and that the biblical prophets are not really 'prophets', but 'poets'. Taking its starting point from the recent discussion of biblical prophecy, the present article argues for the necessity of a phenomenological, rather than a narrowly historical, approach, and for the necessity of taking other ancient Near Eastern prophetic texts into consideration. Following this approach, the author seeks to demonstrate that we can actually learn a great deal about ancient Israelite prophecy from the biblical books. DO 10.1177/030908929301805703